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October 11, 2009
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Pit sat up, groaning. He looked around the dark room. He could see the dresser, just barely highlighted by the moon. He could hear the heavy and deep breathing of his partner next to him.
I should go check on Pike…. Pit thought as he checked the clock. Midnight exactly.
He pulled the covers off of him. The cold, Halloween eve chill nipping at his legs. He slipped on his blue robe and tied it tight.
Chilly tonight.
He opened the door as quietly as he could and slipped out. He tiptoed to Pike’s room. He softly opened the door. The door creaked. He stopped and winced. His ears perked up for any signs of movement. Nothing. He opened the door rapidly and nearly shut it behind him. He crawled to the bed lying near the right wall. He looked at the sleeping, blue haired angel.
He looks so peaceful… Pit smiled.
Suddenly, Pike started to dissolve.
“Pike! No! Pike!!” Pit grabbed for his child, but his hands only went through the angel. “Pike!” He called. “Ike! Ike come here!” He called over his shoulder.
Pike disappeared.
No answer from Ike.
The house was still.
“Pike…..” Pit fell to his knees and sobbed softly on the bed.
“It’s OK.” The voice of a twenty-year-old male rang throught the house.
Pit’s head perked up. He knew it wasn’t Ike. That man’s voice was too high for Ike’s. And it wasn’t Kuro. Kuro’s voice had a demonic ring to it. This voice didn’t.
Pit looked warily around, keeping his whole body still.
“He won’t be gone forever….” The voice was closer. This ran chills down Pit’s spine. He shuddered but became as still as stone once again.
“In fact…..” The voice disappeared.
Pit held his breath. His heard thudded, filling the room with the loud “thump-thump-thump-thump”.
“He’s right behind you.” The voice rang in Pit’s ears.
Pit twisted sharply around and yelped as he looked into the vengeful eyes of his once peaceful son.
Pike’s clothes still looked the same, but were black; dried blood splatters and patches tossed about on his body. His red eyes filled with hatred for the world. His large lips twist into a thin, wicked smile.
Pit backed away as best as he could. Pike advanced.
“What?” Too afraid to give your some a hug and a kiss?” Pike dove at Pit, embracing him tightly. He kissed Pit roughly while removing his and Pit’s clothes.
“Pike! Stop!” Pit cried out as his son rubbed his fully erected length against Pit’s.
“Why?” Pike smirked. He soon entered Pit swiftly.
Pit cried out in pain with each thrust.
Pit’s eyes jolted open. He sat up straight and looked around.
“Thank Palutena that was just a dream….” Pit looked next to him, but Ike was missing. Pit jumped out of bed. “Ike?”
A soft whimpering could be heard from the next room. Pit walks warily forward to investigate it. He pressed his wings against his body, incase he was to knock anything over. He heard the whimpers turn into loud moans. Pit throws open the door. He looks down on Ike and Kuro in bed together… having fun.
“Ike!” Pit’s eyes tear up. He backs away slowly, horrified at what he’s seeing.
“Pit. It’s not what you think…. It’s just that….” Ike was cut off.
“It’s just what!?” With that, Pit turned sharply on his heels and vanished from the room. He jolted into his bedroom and listened to the soft moaning, followed by two loud yells. The house went quiet.
Ten minutes later, parental instincts flipped on in Pit’s head.
He dashed to Pike’s room and opened the door softly. As he too a step in, he stepped in something watery. He jumped back and felt his foot.
“It….. No. It isn’t,” Pit shook off the heavy feeling in his heart. His ears perked up as he heard two loud sounds. The sounds rang through the room like a bug being squished in a cartoon. Pit reached for the lightswitch and rapidly flipped on the lights.
He screamed as the light flickers on. White feathers stained red lay on the ground. Red blotches adorn the ceiling, walls, and floor.
In the corner of the room lays Pike’s mutilated body. Kuro and Psycho holding bloody daggers in their hands. They twisted around sharply and hissed.
Psycho threw his dagger at the ceiling and the lights went out.
Pit felt a sharp pain in his chest. He fell to the floor, gasping for breath. He looked up and wished Palutena could hear his cry to make the pain end.
He felt a blow to the head. Another to the ribs. Pit collapsed to the ground, his face landing in a mess of bloody carpet.
More blows.
To the head.
The back of his neck.
Where it hurts.
The face.
“Pit! Pit!” Ike shook the thrashing angel roughly.
“No! Ah! Ah~ Stop!” Pit cried until he woke up. He looked up at the mercenary. A few moments passed. He pinched himself. This time, he was awake.
“Oh, Ike!” Pit softly shrieked. He threw his arms around Ike and sobbed.
“What? What’s the matter, Pit?” Ike stroked the shaking angel’s chocolate locks.
“I had the most horrible dream.” Pit clutched on to Ike. “First, Pike was grown up, about 20 years old, and he raped me. Then, I saw you and Kuro having fun in bed and I freaked and came back to our room. I layed there for about ten minutes and I felt something in my stomach. I get up and go check on Pike and he was brutally killed by you and Kuro! Th-then, you started to beat me up and… and….” Pit cried harder onto the mercenary’s chest, surely getting make-up from earlier that night on the finely toned pecs.
Ike squeezed Pit. “It’s OK, Pit. I’d never do anything like that to your or Pike. I love you both so much.”
Pit looked up at Ike. “I know.. But it was just so realistic. I even felt Pike’s blood on my face….”
“Well, let’s go see if Pike’s OK.” Ike got out of bed and pulled Pit out with him. Ike took Pit’s petite hands in his brawny hands and walked down the hall to Pike’s room. Ike softly opened the door and walked to Pike’s bed.
Pit looked down at his child. Pike was sleeping like a rock, blanket in one hand and some of his ocean blue locks in the other.
“See?” Ike whispers as he raises an eyebrow. “He’s fine.”
Ike tugs Pit back to their room.
“You have nothing to worry about, babe,” Ike said as he climbed in bed.
He gave Pit a quick kiss and fell right asleep.
“Goodnight, Ike..” Pit fell into a happy, dreamless slumber.
Okii. I wanted to do somehing for ~IkexPit It's Halloween and I wanted to have fun, OK?
Well, now, it's kinda like a fifties movie. It's not scary to you at all but it's terrifying to the person in it. XD

Well, hope you enjoy.
The first part of this pic was inspired by this super duper lovely pic of Pike![link]
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